Thank you for everything Mother Earth.

Planting Trees

As a brand we want to be a force for good. To us, being a force for good with genuine ambition to improve our current environmental and social position means going above and beyond and focusing on more than footprint reduction of our own activities. It involves a broader understanding of environmental sustainability, which strives not only to improve our businesses footprint but to also improve the position of humankind.

A key factor in bringing our planet inline with the environmental health it needs to sustain human life is afforestation and re-forestation. In basic terms… we need more trees. For this reason we feel that one of the most effective environmental moves we can make is to plant more trees. So, every time a piece of jewellery is sold, we will plant a tree.

Precious Metals

Precious metals are fundamental when creating fine jewellery, however fine jewellery is not so fine when it supports the environmental harm which is often present when mining for virgin metals. Not all virgin metal mining is bad and fair-trade precious metals are generally a positive influence on mining communities but environmentally, recycled metals will always fare best. Apart from a small number of components, all of our jewellery is made from recycled precious metals. Non-recycled components will be sign-posted in product descriptions.


We want to create quality jewellery that lasts multiple lifetimes and can be handed down through generations with sentimentality, fondness and positivity. Fortunately, products with a longer life span also have a smaller environmental footprint, so everyone is a winner.


Apart from a small number of components all of our jewellery is hand-made in London, meaning it maintains a low shipping footprint from its outset. Components made outside of London will be sign-posted in product descriptions.


Although our jewellery is made to last multiple lifetimes we know that over time you can sometimes lose interest in the style of a piece of jewellery or it may have negative associations. Do not fear. To have a new piece of jewellery with only positivity attached to it, you can give us any BLEUE BURNHAM jewellery to be melted down and made into a completely new piece. We offer a 30% discount on the same metal when returning to account for the metal we receive back.


Last but not least, packaging. Packaging is often one of the most wasteful and therefore environmentally neglectful facets of a product. We have taken time to consider packaging that is minimal, protective to jewellery and uses low impact recycled and recyclable materials. Our current packaging is made from recycled foam with an aluminium and recycled paper tag.