Bleue Burnham is a self-named men’s fine Jewellery brand based in London with Brightonian heritage. Through design the brand focuses on continual exploration of concept, form, finish and human-connection. World music, world culture, blue skies and blue seas are often inspirational starting points and are suitably entwined with the brand.  

Coming from a background in menswear and environmental sustainability Bleue created the brand after having success with the Ravello ring amongst friends and noticing that men’s jewellery was unusually static and lacked the progression and deviance that was common in the world of menswear.

“I want to push boundaries and create men’s jewellery which is intriguing and unique whilst also being easy-to-wear”

Bleue’s sustainability background is also foundational. Environmental and social performance are core to the brand and inform all decisions made. Currently all jewellery is hand-made locally using recycled metals and is made to last and to be handed down through multiple generations.